Preparing files :

The files you send us must be real size (1 inch in file = 1 inch printed).

In case of a RASTER file (designed with photoshop for example)

  • preferance for TIFF format
  • if possible sRGB (RGB normalised)

To keep a good printing quality, and keeping a reasonnable file size, we recommand setting document to 300dpi.

Note : If your file is natively 150dpi, it is useless to recompute 300dpi.

In case of a VECTOR file (designed with illustrator for example)

  • send us a PDF export. Tips : “Put the dimesions in the name of the file“.


Sending the files :

To print your files, we need to have a look on them. Unfortunely they can be loud to have a good definition quality.

Most of time, this files can’t be send by email.

Nevertheless, it is possible to use services. You have to upload your file on a wetransfer server, give the adress mail, and your own mail adress. You also can let us a message 😉

When upload is complete, we will receive a link that enable downloading it.

If you prefer to use other ftp services, no problem ! Just send us the download link !


A question ?