Surf-Designs, SilkOnboard ? Jo Bunel, how is it going ?

Yes. In 2012, I created SilkOnboard to customize surfboards in a digital way, which has
never been done before.

Since a while, I started shaping my own surfboards and it’s a big deal, that came out pretty good.

Your last projet ?

The last one was shaping my own gun to surf in Guethary’s famous Parlementia and Avalanche’s waves.

For that I took inspiration from a surfboard that Vincent Duvignac gave me once.
And That I loved.

I broke the board but I kept the sensations and the outline in mind.

I made 3D file. Took me quite a while. After double checking, triple checking… Let’s go for the pre-shape.

shape 3D gun guethary parlementia

For the mesures, it’s an 8″6′. I made it 19′ 3/4 large. I wanted to be pretty narrow and I made it 3 inches thick. With progressely pinched rails,
which make possible volume in the middle, and keep the rail thiner, which allows nice carves and to cut in the water surface.

It’s a lot of pleasure like sculpting or making a violin.
There is always impatience.

The design is wood and tint resin, not that easy to do in traditionnal glassing techniques.

It’s a lot of sensations and a big relief… A reconnexion to emotions.

I gave myself a tap in a back, for the good work ! (Laughing)

When I hold it and I see the colors and the shape that came out, and the smile of myself when I come out of water
So Good.

Verdict ?

So here I am blessed the wether is good, good waves.

The gun does it’s job. Fullfilled is the word !

Jo Bunel, March 2019

We prepare a second vidéo with more surf action.

Until that, let’s keep in touch on facebook, instagram, or our youtube channel.

Vidéo by Anthony Debarge Ouahh Pictures

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