Jo’s Gun – Design, Shape, Glass… to ride Guethary’s waves

Surf-Designs, SilkOnboard ? Jo Bunel, how is it going ? Yes. In 2012, I created SilkOnboard to customize surfboards in a digital way, which has never been done before. Since a while, I started shaping my own surfboards and it's a big deal, that came out pretty good. Your last projet [...]

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Collab Notox-Linen and SilkOnboard inlay fabric

  Here is the result of vacuum lamination. SilkOnboard inlay fabric was positioned with the layer of linen fabric for the bottom of Notox boards. This is a board for Lucas Levezac, shaped by Benoit Rameix and graphicaly designed by Céline Chat. Small toy for summer waves :-) !   [...]

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Othmane Choufani – 2 patchs on his quiver.

Waiting for HOTman more photos and vidéos of the boards he rode all winter in Morocco and outisde, enjoy some pictures about manufacturing ;-) Check of the prints delivered to Euroglass Hossegor. Shortboard top glassing. Boards ready for Morocco... Hotman riping [...]

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